Traveling Fellowships

Traveling Fellowships Program

Purpose: to support the travel of individuals who are invited to spend time teaching in hospices and Palliative Care units in developing countries.

Traveling Fellowships are awarded to individuals who apply for support to cover the cost of travel to teach and train in a hospice, Palliative Care unit, community program or university in a developing country. The emphasis is on helping host organizations to develop their own models of Palliative Care provision. The program requires a minimum stay of 3 weeks.

To date IAHPC has provided financial assistance worldwide to more than 60 palliative care professionals who accept invitations to teach in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The achievements of the IAHPC Traveling Fellows have been truly remarkable and were able to produce observable improvements in the teaching and delivery of palliative care in the developing world.

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Click here to read the reports from some of these traveling scholars.

The organization gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of our sponsors and seeks your help to continue the traveling fellowship program.

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